September 7 - 11, 2023 | Universal Consciousness Festival

A returning celebration of health and wellness.  Learn alternative way to live and coexist in harmony with nature and the daily stresses with workshops and lectures by experts.  


September 14 - September 17, 2023 | Thriving Leader Collaborative Retreat |

Ignite and sustain the JOY in leadership in this four-day retreat. Join us to cultivate deeper self-awareness and thrive in leading yourself and others.  

You Will Learn To:
1) Recognize leadership challenges that can be overcome when self-awareness expands.

2) Connect with and elevate your spiritual and intuitive intelligence, and learn how to integrate both into your life, particularly in the workplace amongst colleagues and clients.

3) Create a positive, nurturing inner narrative that supports your values by identifying words that limit or minimize and replacing them with words that inspire and empower yourself and others.

4) Embrace experiences with inner knowing to clarify internal and external beneficial outcomes.

AND you will receive a bag full of useful resources including a book by faculty and your unique retreat journal.

Every Sunday Join Us For Longs Peak Tai Chi & Qi Gong

Learn authentic Wu Dang style tai chi, qi gong and Dao yin stemming from a 600 year old unbroken lineage.  We stream a lecture with Wu Dang Chen from 8:30am to 9:00am, followed by tai chi.  We ask for donations in reciprocity of the experience received, which benefits our Dao USA organization.