May 3 - 5, 2024 | Finger Play Retreat Sweater Camp | More Information

Sweater Camp is your chance to get away from your daily routines and hang out with your tribe.  At this mountain escape you make new knitting friends, immerse yourself in nature and learn some cool sweater knitting tricks. It's everything great about sleep away camp, yet it has comfortable beds, organic food and lots of knitting talk.


September 11-15, 2024 | Universal Consciousness Festival | More Information

A returning celebration of health and wellness.  Learn alternative way to live and coexist in harmony with nature and the daily stresses through workshops and lectures by experts.  

We understand the knowledge this festival brings to the public should not be limited based upon monetary wealth and needs to be available to all, which is why there is a sliding scale ticket price.  We trust you will value the wisdom obtained from our event, reciprocate and donate so we may continue to provide this event in a manner open to all.  We ask you register online to attend as space is limited.  Connect with Dao House directly to purchase meals and lodging packages during the festival.  

We are excited for you to learn additional means to unify mind, body and spirit through methods that inspire conscious living, and reconnect to your true nature.

Community Qi Gong & Tai Chi | Paused Until Spring of 2024

We are closed this winter working on renovations, so we have paused our usual community class.  If you are still interested in learning authentic Wu Dang style tai chi, qi gong and Dao yin stemming from a 600 year old unbroken lineage, feel free to email  We will be hosting a few impromptu classes during the winter, so get on our email list for updates!  

Beginning in the spring when we reopen, you'll enjoy a streamed a lecture with Wu Dang Chen from 8:30am to 9:00am, followed by tai chi, qi gong, Dao yin, stretching or a variety of movement and exercises. 

We ask for donations in reciprocity of the experience received, which benefits the Dao USA organization.