June 15 - June 18, 2022 | Stillness-Motion Retreat | https://stillnessmovement.com/events/3555/

Join us at Dao House, Estes Park Colorado at 9200’ for High Mountain Qi! Open for beginners to advanced.

“The students attending my workshops get many benefits. First, they learn a powerful neigong form as well as qigong movements that will give them benefit the rest of their lives. The result of practice of these forms is truly awesome in each person’s own awakening process. The result is a raising of their own energy body vibration rate which extends awareness by a large factor. It also burns through “filters” that we have created throughout our life, helping us to see “that which is real”.

Traditionally, qigong practice is said to help keep our bodies healthy so we do not have as many sick days and so we recover faster if we do get sick.
But what is the single most important thing? As I was discussing this subject what came to my mind was: Empowerment of each person for themselves with a calmness and confidence to tackle their everyday lives.“ 


July 14 - July 17, 2022 | Thriving Leader Collaborative Retreat | http://www.thrivingleadercollaborative.com/retreat-sign-up-july-2022

Ignite and sustain the JOY in leadership in this four-day retreat. Join us to cultivate deeper self-awareness and thrive in leading yourself and others.  

You Will Learn To:
1) Recognize leadership challenges that can be overcome when self-awareness expands.

2) Connect with and elevate your spiritual and intuitive intelligence, and learn how to integrate both into your life, particularly in the workplace amongst colleagues and clients.

3) Create a positive, nurturing inner narrative that supports your values by identifying words that limit or minimize and replacing them with words that inspire and empower yourself and others.

4) Embrace experiences with inner knowing to clarify internal and external beneficial outcomes.

AND you will receive a bag full of useful resources including a book by faculty and your unique retreat journal.


January 5 - 8, 2023 | Be Bright Renewal Yoga Retreat | http://bebright365.com/events

Start your year by getting in touch with your dreams. Gentle yoga practices and guided breath work for stability and ease in the body/mind. Dreamwork for Spirit. We are creating a healing sanctuary. Take your place and enjoy the connection. You are invited.


January 19 - January 22, 2023 | Chinese New Year Celebration & Festivities

More details to come about guest speakers, music and entertainment for the four-day event.  Celebrate the year of the rabbit, and learn tips to living a happy, harmonious life!

Every Sunday Join Us For Longs Peak Tai Chi & Qi Gong

Learn authentic Wu Dang style tai chi, qi gong and Dao yin stemming from a 600 year old unbroken lineage.  We stream a lecture with Wu Dang Chen from 8:30am to 9:00am, followed by tai chi.  We ask for donations in reciprocity of the experience received, which benefits our Dao USA organization.