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Located in a serene valley next to Rocky Mountain National Park is the Dao House Retreat Center. Situated on 86 acres of forests we've been providing authentic Colorado experiences for 40 years.

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About Us

Dao House is a Destination Retreat Center hosting events, film festivals, an artist residency program along with spectacular adventure experiences and well-being centered activities and retreats. 

Adventure programs are hosted by Colorado's best guides from Colorado Mountain School and Colorado Wilderness Rides and Guides for;  backpacking, rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, ascent climbs, fishing, and high altitude sports training.

At Dao House you can plan a personal retreat, choose an adventure package or bring together your own group retreat. We also host spectacular weddings up on our mountain with panoramic breath-taking views. Our restaurant is open for the season and serving healthy food choices on our open-air patio looking at the majestic mountains.  

Our nature playground has 80 acres of lush mountain trails with elk, deer and beautiful forests. We host groups up to 120 with large event rooms, lodge rooms, suites, cabins and healthy private catering all tailored to your needs.

Our mission is to offer hospitality based on wellbeing and adventure experiences. It's a Return to Simplicity. 

Before you choose, there are a few things you should know.

We are a classic, rustic, rural mountain property.  We have 36 guest rooms in our main lodge and a dozen cabins with various sleeping arrangements. We are sitting on 80 acres of private property about 7 miles from Estes Park at 9000 feet. We have indescribable views, it is very quiet here. It is entirely likely you will see wildlife, and you don’t have to leave the property to hike, bike, run or commune with nature.

Our retreat started it’s life as a “Dude Ranch” and the original barn, paddocks and some of the trails are still around, so there is some of this charming decor. About a dozen years ago it was converted into a Tai Chi retreat center, and you will find quite a bit of eastern influence.. A real East Meets West theme. We are now refocusing our efforts, gearing toward adventure experiences along with creative artist residencies in off season.

Life is different at 9000 feet above sea level it can be quite an adventure:

~ The nearest retail store is a beautiful 10 mile drive. We try to keep a few necessities around, in case you forget something important.

~ The temperature can swing more than 20 degrees a day. The sun can be quite warm, and at night it can be chilly. It rarely gets into low 80’s during the hottest part of the day during the peak of summer, and the nights are always cool enough to sleep comfortably. None of our rooms or cabins feature Air Conditioning. If you find your accommodations are stuffy, let us know. We will be happy to help you with the windows and fans.

~ No Cell Coverage. Yes, that's right. No known cell service works consistently on our property. We do have pretty decent WiFi and it is free to use. But it is reliant on technology that we don’t have control over. It goes out every now and then. Most companies seem to cover Lily Lake, which is only a couple miles toward Estes, and worth a visit any way. You are of course welcome to use our land lines if you’d like.

~ Most of our guest rooms have televisions, but some cabins do not. The reception from our cable provider is occasionally spotty.

~ The driveway leading up to the main lodge, our parking areas and the paths around property are gravel and dirt, so they can get pretty beat up when there’s weather, and there is usually weather. It’s sunny for parts of most days, but when it rains, it pours. Everything is driveable and we are pretty casual about where you park. As long as you don’t block the through ways.

~ We do have electricity, it almost never goes out

~ The Mountain spring water from our taps is perfectly drinkable and delicious. Our well does a fine job.

~ The boiler heat usually keeps up with the mountain wind, if you find your accommodations are chilly, let us know, we have heaters we are happy to bring to you.

~ Summit View Restaurant has just reopened for the first time in a while, and the team down is bringing delicious, healthful, affordable food to the table. They are happy to set you up with take out, if you’d prefer to eat in your room. We do have a full bar. The restaurant is open 5 days a week.

~ Staffing at the top of the world is our biggest challenge, we run a very streamlined team. Please know everyone that works here is trying their best to ensure you are enjoying your visit.

If you find something is amiss, don’t hesitate to contact the manager on duty, or the operations manager, Peter. His office is just off the lobby.

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