There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven't yet met. William Butler Yeats......

We at Dao House think that adventures are 100% better when shared and our story becomes part of the fabric of who we are. We are super excited to give our unmet friends an opportunity to tell their story, share their adventures and make new connections. 

We are proud to announce the upcoming launch of the DH Houstel! Our Houstel (Hostel) consists of  5 Rooms for Rent (2 Private and 3 Shared).  There is a dining/food preparation area with mini fridges, microwaves, toaster oven, coffee pot, dining ware and utensils.

Coffee and Hot Tea are complimentary and Snacks are available for purchase. 

Our public shared space is roomy and cozy and perfect for meeting new friends, sharing your adventure or just curling up with a book or journal for some well needed rest, reflection and relaxation. There are 2 bathrooms with 3 sinks, 2 toilets and 2 shower stalls each. One is designated for male travelers and one for our female adventurers. Linens and basic toiletries are provided. 

Hostels are not for everyone...BUT if you are an adventurer who wants to be social, a hiking/outdoor enthusiast on a budget or someone looking to try a new way of traveling the DH Houstel could be for you!

Please read the DH Houstel Policies below and Check Back Often for Updates on our Opening!!


For Harmonious and Healthy Encounters

 Cancellation Policy – 2-day cancellation policy: We have a 48-hour cancellation policy.  This means that if you need to cancel your booking, you must email us before 2:00 pm at least 2 days before your arrival date. For example, if your arrival date is Friday, you must email us before 12:00 pm on Wednesday.  We only accept cancellations through email.  If you cancel within two days of your arrival date, you will be charged a late cancellation fee equal to your first night’s accommodation.

Check-In / Check-Out Policy – Check -in is 4:00 pm and check-out is before 11:00 am.  If for any reason you check-out later than 11:00 am, you will be charged an additional fee of $10.

Pet Policy – No pets: We regret we cannot accommodate pets.

Minimum Stay / Maximum Stay – 2- night minimum stay: Every booking must be for at least 2 nights.  If you book for a single night, we have the right to cancel your booking without a refund of your deposit.

14-day maximum stay:  The maximum period of a stay is 14 days.  If you book for a longer period, we have the right to cancel all additional days without a refund of your deposit.

Minimum Age – Our age limit is minimum 18 years old. If you are outside of this age requirement upon arrival to out hostel, we have the right to cancel your booking without a refund of your deposit and apply the late cancellation fee.

Group Policy – Max. 6 people:  No groups larger than 6 persons can stay in our hostel.  We are ideally suited to solo travelers or small groups who wish to mingle and meet people.  Therefore, we do not accept bookings of groups larger than 6 people.  If you choose to make a booking for a larger group, we reserve the right to cancel your booking without a refund of your deposit.

This policy also applies to multiple bookings under different names for the same group.  If you arrive at the hostel in violation of our group policy, we have the right to cancel your reservation on the spot without refund of your deposit as well as charging additional cancellations fees in the amount of your groups first 2 days accommodation.

Non-Smoking Policy – Smoking is forbidden in all areas of our hostel.  You will be charged a minimum of $200 for infringements to cover the cost of additional cleaning and associated loss of sales.  Should the fire department respond to the activation of a fire detector, we must also charge you this considerable fee.  Smokers may be accommodated 20 feet from all buildings or entry/exit ways.