Global Retreat Week - Coming to Dao House June 13 - 19, 2020

Need a digital detox? Global Retreat Week is a radical new mindfulness Retreat that may change your life -

Global Retreat Week is about giving people worldwide the perfect space and place to take time to reflect, renew, rejuvenate and reinvent purpose and wellbeing.

Retreat Week serves as a disconnect - unwind rendezvous for an international coterie of people who choose Global Retreat Week locations and dates worldwide throughout the year.

People take part in Retreat Week for all sorts of reasons; to step away from demanding jobs and slow down; to re-center and gain perspective; to seek peace-of-mind after certain life experiences; to take time and reinvent their future purpose.

Retreat guests should have freedom of time to join in activities, meet others, or not. There are no time frames or schedules during Retreat Week, however, if one chooses an activity or to meet others, the perfect scenarios are planned.

Time-out needs to be touched, felt and experienced tangibly over time. It requires participation and emersion into self. It needs a distinctive narrative that changes lives forever. Like the cool side of the pillow, a personal retreat should refresh and catch you off-guard just a little.

We think Global Retreat Week will pair well for any human who may feel like starting something new and fresh, . . . and it takes more than a day!

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